EPA Boiler Assessments, Simplified

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To help you more easily understand and manage the impact of the EPA’s new Boiler MACT standards, Solution Dynamics has simplified the rules into some basic tables to help you.

As an expert leader in industrial energy cost management, Solution Dynamics is deeply qualified and experienced at performing boiler MACT energy assessments.

New EPA rules will require some large facilities to undergo extensive energy use assessments. Two categories of facilities will be required to seek an energy assessment, described in the table below:

 epa boiler mact energy assessments

The requirement is broken into two classes:

-        Area Source (Minor Sources) an energy assessment must be performed by March 31, 2014

-        Major Source the compliance deadline is January 31, 2016

Once your facility’s class is determined, there is a requirement for all major source emitters with onsite boilers and many area source emitters to undergo energy assessments, based on the following:

 epa boiler mact assessment

The requirements for the two classes of facilities are different. Major sources require a broader facility assessment than area sources.  Assessments for both types of facilities must include inspections of the boilers, O&M practices and drawings. They must also provide a list of recommended efficiency improvements along with anticipated costs and timelines to recoup improvement investments.  Qualified energy auditors, like those at Solution Dynamics, are required to perform this EPA assessment. Assessment duration is determined by the amount of fuel that the facility could use if all of the boilers operated at full fire 24/7 in a year using the formulas outlined below.

epa boiler mact summary

The EPA’s summary document discusses the overview of the requirements for Area Source boilers.  In a separate Q&A document, question 41 deals specifically with how to interpret the % load table for various-sized facilities.  In the Q&A, it describes the requirement such that all uses above the listed percentage, and only the uses above that threshold need to be evaluated in detail.

If any of your boilers meet the area source definition, time is running out for you to schedule an energy assessment. Please contact us, and we will set one up for you.

Solution Dynamics designs proven energy solutions to give a competitive edge and contribute to customers’ bottom-line profits. This summary is meant as a guide, not a legal representation of all the details in the regulation – please refer to your environmental compliance team for full details.

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