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We have provided services to clients all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. We easily coordinate corporate projects between multiple plants in multiple cities. Our teams work in partnership with you to provide your company with a unified approach to energy price and use reduction.
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Dairy Facility Implemented Five Energy Savings Opportunities and 
is Saving $232,000 Annually
A Dairy facility with a large production area, a refrigerated warehouse, a dry goods warehouse and administrative offices implemented five (5) energy saving opportunities and is saving $231,889 per year in energy costs. 
Total Turnkey Installed Cost 

Annual Energy Cost Savings

Carbon Reduction
2,405 tCO2e 
(Natl Avg. Emission Rate)

Simple Payback
2.0 Years

Project IRR
"Solution Dynamics has been a valued partner in our sustainability efforts since the first days of the Dairy Industry's "Carbon Council" - which is now the "Sustainability Alliance". They have assisted us in identifying and implementing both low cost high value and capital projects focused on energy reduction, as well as other strategic measurement goals both at the plant and enterprise levels. We look forward to continued collaboration in the future."
David Lattan, V. P. - Engineering, Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.
“The innovations that Solution Dynamics brings to a growing industry are simply finite and executable. They very professionally bring solutions to environmental usages and concerns that are functional, cost effective, and financially sound. Really the best application of win-win sound environmental answers to resource reduction projects that matter to people. A philosophy based in loss and loss elimination.”
Joe Rash, Safety - Health - Environmental Manager, Unilever
“MPP has benefitted from Solution Dynamics Strategic Energy Management Program for the last 12 years. Solution Dynamics has assisted MPP in managing and obtaining reduced energy costs that allow MPP to keep its electroplating and anodization business products competitive.” 
Ed Bozarth, CEO, MPP Group of Companies
Solution Dynamics is a registered Trade Ally for Utility Rebate & Incentive programs in over ten states.  

We have the experience with these programs to get our clients maximum funding for their savings opportunities.
At Solution Dynamics, we provide turnkey energy cost-reduction services for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our goal is to be your partner to achieve energy cost reduction in your facility. The value that Solution Dynamics brings to our clientele is providing the necessary services to implement and achieve energy savings.
For more information on reducing your industrial energy costs, please contact us. You can also visit our Energy Efficiency Services page to learn more about our proven 3-step process, or visit our Strategic Energy Management page to learn more about our strategic energy management programs. At Solution Dynamics, we stand behind our work with a Guaranteed Savings Process. If we do not produce results, we do not get paid.
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