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Client Feedback

I have worked with Solution Dynamics for over 5 years. Possessing a broad range of technical expertise, they offer work products which are both thorough and flexible in scope. I would recommend the Solution Dynamics team to any company seeking to improve energy efficiency.

Jim Pease

Energy & Environmental Manager

Unilever, North America

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that the recent RTO Energy saving project at the Merced plant was a great success. The project is 99% complete and we are very happy with the outcome.

I wanted you to know that your engineer did an outstanding job on this project and I wanted to make sure to recognize his efforts in working with the Greif Merced team. Nick went above and beyond the call of duty several times and we appreciate what he did.

He worked great with…the Lockheed Martin engineer, as they made a great team.

Thanks to you and the Solution -Dynamics team and we look forward with working with you on future projects as they come available.

Farrell Smith

“I thought Solution Dynamics did a real good job quickly understanding our operations and processes.  Solution Dynamics’ industry knowledge definitely showed through as they worked with us on the operational review and savings recommendations. They were fast, concise, focused and up to speed very quickly. The preliminary discussions we had with Solutions Dynamics and the information they requested was effectively used to review our facility and recommend improvements. Solution Dynamics’ experience showed by not chasing bad opportunities, but focusing instead on our core electrical, air and waste water expenses. They had a very good approach to identifying energy cost savings opportunities, didn’t oversell the potential savings, knew what was viable and what wasn’t and engaged us in a very professional manner.”

~Brad Bowers, Plant Manager, Oakhurst Dairy, Portland, ME