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We have provided services to clients all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. We easily coordinate corporate projects between multiple plants in multiple cities. Our teams work in partnership with you to provide your company with a unified approach to energy price and use reduction.
Energy Cost Savings for  Industry & Manufacturing
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Strategic Energy Management
  • Benchmark Database
  • Electric Load Analysis
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Risk Management 
  • KPI's & Dashboards 
  • Facility Detailed Tracking
  • Communicate Issues
  • Gas Supply Hedging
  • Market Intelligence

  • Solution Dynamics is the only company offering a Guaranteed Level of Savings for Energy Cost Reduction for Manufacturers.

  • Facility Audit 
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Value and Prioritize
  • Rebates & Funding
  • Carbon Reduction

A Comprehensive Approach to Address All Your Energy Costs 

                         with a Guaranteed Level of Savings. 
  • Calculate Emissions 
  • Program Assistance 
  • Reduction Options
  • Establish Goals
  • CDP Filing

  • Pro-Active Roadmap 
  • 3-Year Capital Budget
  • Best Practices
  • Risk Management
  • Energy Strategies
A successful strategic energy management program will improve your company's profitability and competitiveness, conserve valuable resources including time, improve sustainability/carbon emissions, and protect customer revenues.    
Energy Price Reduction
Energy Use Reduction
Sustainability Improvement
Monthly Reporting
Strategic Energy Plan
Guaranteed Savings
  • ​We take accountability for lowering your energy costs, improving your sustainability and managing your energy issues.
  • We provide you a Certified Energy Manager as a single point of contact to supplement your staff and free up your time.
  • We are Independent; Not affiliated with suppliers or manufacturers.
  • We spread the cost of the program over the program term to keep the initial cost low so funding can come from your expense budget. 
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Energy Price Reduction
Energy Use Reduction
Improved Sustainability