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Where We Work
We have provided services to clients all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. We easily coordinate corporate projects between multiple plants in multiple cities. Our teams work in partnership with you to provide your company with a unified approach to energy price and use reduction.
Energy Cost Savings for  Industry & Manufacturing
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The Solution Dynamics’ team of energy experts has over 100 years of cumulative experience in obtaining energy cost reductions for Industrial and Manufacturing clients. Since 2002, Solution Dynamics has served clients in the food, manufacturing, heavy industry, transportation, warehousing, and institutional sectors, providing a wide range of expert, impartial, and objective advice. We help reduce operating costs in complex facilities, systems, and processes by applying our unique combination of expertise to the optimization of utility consuming systems. Our industrial energy management services and experience allows us to find far more feasible cost savings that others miss. We work with you to select only the proper programs, products, and services to match your needs. 

We have a proven track record of saving 5% to 35% of the energy spent in most facilities we have worked in.

Our sole objective is to reduce industrial energy consumption and costs by making what you have more efficient. We do not sell equipment or utilities so we focus exclusively on lowering your costs. We evaluate, develop, and implement energy cost reduction strategies and projects and we can guarantee you will reach your cost reduction goals.

Solution Dynamics delivers guaranteed results on a risk-free basis, to reduce waste while achieving desired financial returns for our clients. We ensure you pay only for the energy you use and receive the best prices available, including rebates, refunds, and incentives.

Energy cost reduction programs only save you money if the opportunities are implemented. We see the energy savings project through to completion so that cost reductions are actually obtained and verified. We work with you in a proven, flexible, and proactive manner that allows you to leverage your limited time into our substantial expertise and knowledge, to actually achieve dollar savings.

We live up to our Mission:
Achieve Energy/Sustainability Goals and Increase Profit – GUARANTEED
About Solution Dynamics 
Certifications and Qualifications
Solution Dynamics’ experts have the following sustainability focused professional certifications:

  • Professional Engineer (PE)
  • LEED Certified Engineer
  • Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP)
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • Certified Demand-Side Management Professional (CDSMP)
  • Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEPP)
  • Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM)
History and Expertise
Energy Star Partner
ISNetworld Member
  • American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) members, 
  • Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) members
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) members
  • American Wind Energy Association members

Trade Allies
Solution Dynamics is a registered Trade Ally for Utility Rebate & Incentive programs in over ten states.  

We have the experience with these programs to get our clients maximum funding for their savings opportunities.